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WFW MALAYSIA 2017_09-09-17_3547Vandana Talwar

Every year World Fashion Week ®will be hosted by one of the participating countries. The WFW International Committee in collaboration with the WFW Executive Board, will have the final decision on which countries and cities will be given the honor of becoming a World Fashion Week ®Host City. Governments of several participating countries have already proposed as candidate cities in hosting the event.

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As proven by other global events, World Fashion Week ®will generate opportunities across the entire job market, which in turn, will be significant benefit for the host country´s economy. It will also provide a huge boost for the tourism industry. Following an event of this stature, it is common to see an increase in the number of visitors to the country by 10-40%. It also helps to secure an improved image as well as raise the city´s and country´s profile as a tourist destination.

Economic impact is understandably one of the key factors taken into account by local authorities when assessing whether or not to bid for an event, and an array of research strongly demonstrates the significant financial benefits that result from major events.

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