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Sachin had great passion in designing different types of outfits   from college. After graduating from a reputable institute in “Fashion Design and Merchandising” from India, he has worked under so many internationally renowned designers, to gain more experience such as-Azeem Khan, Naeem Khan, Gayatri Khanna, James Ferreira and Anita Dongre.         

While exploring fabrics for designers Sachin got inspired by organic fabric Khadi. He launched his own brand “Mikhadi” to make outfits in organic fabric to more accessible, well priced, stylish enough to cater to the taste of urban India, to give them high quality workmanship and to catch the imagination of the younger generation with a cultural resonance in the form of a pride just as the world has now recognized our economic resilience due mainly to a strong domestic market and in the past had found their way in the Gandhian values. To fit perfectly, he has made khadi a style statement for many along with proving employment to the large population. Thus, Khadi is now not just only a device used by Gandhiji for freedom but it is life of many fashion conscious Customers worldwide.