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Evanna Fashion House is a Men's and women’s fashion company that specially caters to the busy lives of men & women. Since we are an exclusive boutique, we only do one of kind pieces. No piece will be duplicated. You will feel a quality when you wear our exclusive pieces. Evanna Fashion House has two designer brands, "Agragrami' and "Mikhadi". Their respective fashion designers are Vandana and Sachin.Evanna Fashion House is a clear definition of class within the boutique as well as its essence of an enclosure.

Evanna Fashion House’s clothing collections will allow our customers to find the style that best fits their lifestyle. We work hard to provide the best in customer service and quality lines. We include the finest and highly experienced stylist to cater to your needs. We also offer our own exclusive pieces "Evanna fashion House Exclusives".

These pieces exemplify, what Evanna Fashion House represents: innovation, elegance, style, and class. We work tirelessly to keep you trendsetting and show stopping hot.